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You must have heard it a thousand times by now that the content is King. Phoenix SEO just makes sure that only relevant and useful content finds your way to your website. We are on the same page with search engines and we all want the same thing – to provide the most relevant results to the searchers. Most of all, the key isn’t to be found online at any cost, the key is to be found by the just right customer. This is where good content comes into play and saves the day. Great one answers all the questions that you prospective customers haven’t even asked yet. In conclusion, you will fulfill their needs even before they tell you what they are.

Furthermore, your content marketing strategy is the voice of your business, it nurtures your values and sends strong messages. When worded right, like we did for akk.jewelry website recently, marketing campaigns can attract a loyal following. We give your content the power to engage your clients and create meaningful relationships.

SEO Copywriting Services

What is most important thing to keep in mind when creating good, Search Engine Optimization friendly content for the websites, blog posts, and social media platforms?

It’s really hard to strike that perfect balance between keyword-rich content and one that brings value to the customers. Hence, we believe it’s important to use natural language and to seamlessly weave keywords into the copy. Therefore, don’t disrupt the balance, readability and general spirit of the text. Keyword stuffing should never be your strategy and you should never optimize for search engines.


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Fact: Keyword density is just percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on an individual web page.