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SEO and Music Industry…The music industry is a well-oiled machine. Almost every part can function on its own, but they play well with others too. What does SEO have to do with it, you ask? Well, like every online presence today, search engine optimization is vital because it brings you the right audience. And we all agree that when it comes to the music industry, an audience is of the utmost importance.

Competition is fierce, now every John and Sally can get famous, but it could take years before they accomplish anything. No matter if you’re a DJ, you have a garage band, or if you’re a singer, songwriter, music producer or you’re starting your own record label or a music studio – whoever you are means nothing if people can’t find you. And that’s where SEO for the music industry and music industry professionals can shine and turn the spotlight in the right direction.

Local SEO for Local Talents

If you’re just starting out, you have to grow your business and focus on your current location before start touring and performing in other cities. Even if it’s still a hobby, and your music profession is something you do on the side, you have to let locals find you. In time, you will branch out. You wouldn’t be doing this if you don’t have the love for this niche. But even if you love it, it’s still a business. You need to draw smart moves, create strategies, manage your online persona, and grow your followers.

Let’s say you’re a wedding singer. In the beginning, you would want to focus on customers who are living in your city. This is where local SEO can be of great assistance. By setting up a website and focusing on your services and local keywords, you will probably position yourself on search engines. Where you’re located is important, too. It probably won’t be easy to position yourself on the first page if you’re living in New York which has 8.4 million people, as opposed to living in Palmetto Bay, which numbers around 20.000 residents. It wouldn’t be prudent to target potential clients who are living across the globe and who probably wouldn’t hire you due to the distance. Same goes if you are a DJ, or you have a band – start local, grow, then go global.

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing Consultants for DJs

Do you want to attract new clientele? Are you looking to work private parties? Having a YouTube channel or a Sound Cloud is certainly desirable, but did you know that you can optimize them, too? Websites aren’t the only thing that can be optimized for search engines, you know. Website design for DJs is also important for SEO. Search engines rank the websites High if they are likable among users – if they have a good user experience. If people stay on your website, play your videos, listen to your tracks, subscribe to your channel, If they engage, that sends good SEO signals. Search engine optimization for DJs can help you use the right keywords that will target your desired audience.

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SEO Services for Music Studios

Music and music-related services have a fierce competition. If you own a music studio, and you want to attract singers and bands, good SEO strategy is of the utmost importance. Again, local SEO consultant can be your biggest ally. With the right keywords, you can target music professionals in your area who are looking for nearby recording studios.

SEO consultant Music Recording Industry
SEO Consultant for the Music Recording Industry

Chase the Longtails

Instead of focusing on difficult-to-optimize short tail keywords, try optimizing for long tails and exotic combinations (that still make sense). In doing so you will be targeting the short tail keywords, too. If for example, you optimize a keyword: Affordable Wedding Singer for hire in Ohio, you automatically optimize for keywords like wedding singer Ohio, affordable wedding, affordable wedding singer, wedding singer, singer for hire, singer for hire in Ohio… First start with long tails and work your way through to more difficult ones.

Add New, Relevant Content

Just like your performance, you have to keep your website fresh. If you constantly add new, relevant content, blog posts, videos of your latest gigs and new pages, it will benefit your SEO strategy. Share the latest news with your fans, add tour dates and upcoming events, it will all help you show search engines that your website is up to date. The more content you add, the more it will be filled with natural keywords and search phrases. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should fill up a website just for the sake of having content. It’s no use if it’s not relevant and useful for website visitors. Optimize for people.

Ask for Links

You should never be spammy, but don’t miss an opportunity to ask for a link exchange. In case you have performed at a venue, ask the owner if he’s willing to exchange links with you. It’s a win-win situation, you can both enjoy the benefits and endorse each other. Try posting on local forums and communities, and look through local listings. Actively search for opportunities for link exchange.
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SEO Music Testimonials

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