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Social signals have a way of impacting Search Engine Optimization results. That is why you need a great Social Media management and SEO agency in Phoenix, AZ. 

Social Media helps you connect with your clients on a more intimate level. Brands without social media profiles are deemed untrustworthy and suspicious. By socializing you show that you have nothing to hide and that you lead a transparent and flawless business.

The Word of Mouth Has Gone Online

People nowadays will trust their peers even if they don’t know them personally. Social Media helps you build your own voice, and gives you an opportunity to stand out from your competitors. It can help you turn negative experiences into potentially loyal customers! In conclusion: everybody loves a good comeback story.

We are Social Media Management and Social Media Optimization experts based in Phoenix, Arizona. No matter where you are, we can help your website, your small or medium business, and overall, your brand to stand out. You can convey a powerful image, set apart from the run of the mill crowds, with unique ideas, strategies and quality content.

Our affordable social media services and packages are great for small or medium businesses. Enhance your presence and online visibility today! 

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How to Increase Traffic on Your Site?

You must have noticed how more and more smaller companies acquire a slightly new approach in advertising their products. The difference today is clear-cut: a company either embraces new technology and gains popularity with their product, or it simply never surfaces. As harsh as it may sound, that change became necessary, and social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter are entirely responsible for success or lack thereof.

Is that all you need to do, then? Create a Facebook account, appear on Twitter, start tweeting away and your product will become the next best thing after the discovery of digital media? The answer is not a straightforward yes. You can achieve success only with careful and well-thought planning, strategies, consistency and good engagement. Remember, you need a cunning approach to a matter on which your competitors are probably already working on. You need creative force behind your social network accounts, and you need active, constant change. Phoenix SEO can help you surface and grow.

SEO is pretty straightforward. The best tactic can be explained through a well-known proverb: Reap what you sow. Phoenix SEO is right with you on the field, helping you grow your crops and enjoy the bountiful harvest.


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Keeping your Customers Entertained and Engaged

Each and every time you provide a new content on your blog, twitter or any other social networking service, you are creating new URLs. Also, when you create new links, you are making sure that the friends and followers you already have don’t get bored. It is not enough to link the same old content you might have been posting each and every time. A clear and focused internet marketing entails that you keep your customers interested. You need to deliver new content in carefully-planned and strategic moments.

Search engines love when you provide a good content that adds value and provides useful information. Spinning same old stories won’t get you nearer the top results. They are reserved for only the best players on the field. But, not all is lost! We can help you with the game and make sure you level the playing field.

Successful Social Media Optimization Campaign Example

Let’s quickly envision a successful social media campaign – a restaurant advertising itself on Facebook and Instagram. Naturally, the main purpose is to create different events and posts that will attract customers. Moreover, it’s a good idea to create special discounts and maybe include interactive games and occasional give-away contests.

Good campaign manager will strive to keep the customer interested at all times, and create a feeling that going once to that restaurant is simply not enough. There is always something new to do, see, and taste. When these activities are carefully reported on social network sites, the traffic naturally increases. Also, it’s a good idea to take pictures of beautifully arranged food and post it on Instagram and Twitter. Local foodies will rejoice at the sights of mouth-watering meals! It is clear then that generating new ideas at all times is an essential strategy for a significant traffic increase.

Freshly Baked Content

Remember: the word that makes ching-a-ling is QUALITY CONTENT. Furthermore, with the latest Google’s spam cleansing maneuver, an algorithm change titled Farmer’s Update, it is even more important to keep the content of your site fresh, clean and new. If you keep borrowing content from other sites, you will not get promoted in search engines, and that means bad news for your business. Not only will you be stealing the content from somebody else in the first place, but search engines will say No-No to you as well.

It’s more cumbersome to avoid getting caught and possibly reported or penalized, than simply creating your own, relevant content. The strategy here is the same – you have to optimize for users. And no user likes reading old, already-seen news.