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Some people go fishing, others prefer Sudoku, but when we at SEO Phoenix have free time on our hands – we like to analyze. And we are not talking about the office gossip parties at the watercooler. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we don’t mean to brag but… We have a vast experience and we are experts in many industries. Okay, yes, we totally want to brag, but we do have a good reason – numerous successful, profit-yielding SEO campaigns. Some of the industries we touched are jewelry, medicine, travel, medical tourism, entertainment niches like fashion, music, photography, as well as service based wedding, hospitality, automotive industries and many others.

SEO Experts in Automotive Industry

For this experiment, we wanted to analyze SEO in automotive industry, so we chose two totally random locations and have searched for black car service and limo related terms. We decided to focus on limo keywords in Miami – because hey, it’s Miami, going out and about in the limo is quite logical, and the car service keywords we saved for Chicago. There were several criteria we used to determine the winners. Upon close inspection, we landed with two majestic results – Chicago’s Legendary Private Car and Driven Miami car service in, you never would have guessed, Miami.

The Importance of Optimizing for Local Search
Some industries hugely depend on the location of business, and some don’t. If you have a freelance programmer who provides his services to clients from all over the world, his location is irrelevant. When it comes to car and limo service, it’s pretty important that the right customer finds you. What’s the use of finding a Phoenix car service provider if you are located in Maine? Local Search Optimization Expert to the rescue! You need to get to the local joes, and there are several ways you can do that.

Location, Location, Location
Driven Miami has a good tactic – it has a straightforward location in the name of the brand and URL. You certainly don’t have a vague idea about their service areas. When it comes to local search, your business’ proximity to the area where you offer services is very important. If you are operating in Miami but you register your business in a nearby area just outside Miami, your business will be harder to rank for Miami related keywords, and your competitors might have the advantage and get the prime positions.

Our advice: think about getting a dedicated .limo or .car domain.

Information Consistency
Google hates when the information about your business isn’t consistent across the web. Your business name, address and phone number all have to be the same. Sending mixed signals regarding your business location and basic contact info isn’t looked upon favorably. Check out every listing, website, blog, and social media profiles. Legendary Private Car has this nailed down.
Pro tip: Use location in title tags, H1 and URLs.

Near Me Optimization for Car & Limo Service Niche
Smartphones are getting smarter and there is so much we can do with our phones. We can even find the most suitable car transportation just by issuing a voice command. The trends in search are more and more growing in favor of mobile, and we have a situation where mobile search has surpassed desktop. When you type in or say to your phone that you want a car service near you, you will get local results that are based on your location. You can help your business by using near-me related keywords because if there are a couple of businesses who offer the same service in a roughly same location, having those keywords could propel you to the top of the search. Both Legendary Private Car and Driven Miami are optimized for near me.

If you are in car service and limo business, you are in touch with your customers all the time. Although SEO expert can help you reach new clients, your professionalism keeps them. It determines whether they will keep using you or switch to your competitors. Your hospitality can also make or break your business, and if you do it properly, positive reviews will flow. And positive reviews (especially Google+/GoogleMyBusiness and Yelp) can help you rank better on search engines. Our two key players both have great reviews online, and those reviews are from reputable people, not from one-timers.

Website Design
Google is all about the users and it favors their opinion. Through metrics, Google can understand whether people actually like your content, spend time on your website, click through the pages, or they close them as soon as they land. Great website design can do wonders for your business, increase the engagement and ease the overall readability and information consumption. In a sea of Web 1.0 sites in the automotive niche, both Driven Miami and Legendary Private Car have great looking, responsive websites with widgets.

Relevant, Keyword-Rich Content
These websites are clearly optimized for relevant keywords, but the readability isn’t affected. Users gain value by reading it, find out something new, and land on pages when they search for relevant services. Driven Miami has a great page – Miami Limo Shopping Tours and that page will reach all the tourists and locals who want to go shopping in Miami. This way, they can even consider doing it in utmost luxury and style and hiring a chauffeured limo service.

Black Car Limo Chichago
O’Hare Limo Legendary Private Car

Legendary Private Car targets tourists and local residents who want to go to sports events and visit Wrigley Field, United Center, Allstate Arena, Soldier Field, and U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago. Smart move, and texts are optimized with long-tail keywords that will help Legendary get great results even with the short-tail ones. From the point of content quality, these keywords are woven naturally so there is no stuffing. We also noticed throughout Legendary’s website there is plenty of inter-linked content and website pages. Also his tactic regarding service areas really helps him to rank high for location-related keywords.

Both websites have plenty of calls to action and enough benefit-oriented content which users will appreciate, which also means Google will look favorably upon it too. This is why Legendary Private Car and Driven Miami win in this little SEO experiment. Kudos for the effort and keep up the good work guys!

Private Car North Shore
Black Car Chicago for Legendary Private Car SEO Strategies

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