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User Experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now more than ever search engines take into account the User Experience (UXD, UX) of your online presence. Modern design and relevant information properly and promptly displayed to website visitors all contribute to the overall user experience.  In this mobile era,  responsiveness is a Vital sign that you care about your consumers, and you want to help them Reach the right information no matter what device they’re using.  And of course since the attention spans get shorter and shorter, no Great Design and relevant information will help you if your page speed isn’t optimized and website visitors can’t even actually reach you online.

Great user experience yields tangible results and leads to conversions.


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SEO Search Engine Optimization Testimonials

“Pedja’s profound understanding of what gives results and what not, backed with strong execution skills, really make him a quality solution for SEO.

Pedja has helped me position my music-based business on the first page of Google USA for keywords that were medium or high competition.

He is truly performance-oriented! I have already recommended him to my friends with online businesses and will do so in the future.”

– Jake,